Sunday, February 22, 2009

lip filler

I finally gave up. My vanity finally had the better of me. I know I am getting older and I am losing volume in my lips, so I went and had some lip filler injected into my upper lip. Does it look sexy and ridiculously delicious?


*blink* ... *blink* *blink*.

I had an allergic reaction to something. And my top lip ballooned on one side like nobody's business. That was what happened last Friday evening. It didn't itch, it didn't feel all too weird other than the fact it felt like a tiny balloon and a little tight. It looked weird. Here is another photo of it in a much proper fashion.


What? Not too bad, you say? How about a photo from a different angle then?


Do you see my point? It looks like it is filled with puss and just waiting to burst!

Since the bottom lip had been chapped due to the fact that I love licking my lips and I had not been drinking enough water and used the wrong kind of lipstick that day, (I have sensitive lips that feathers and bleeds rather easily if I use the wrong kinds of lisptick, but I have not had the budget or the time to shop for the right kinds of late so I keep putting them on on certain days anyway). So I slapped on some V@seline on the bottom lip and a tiny bit on the inner part of the top lip (slathering it on all over the top lip will leave me with tiny rash-like bumps for days). That soothed the chapping and sloughed off the dead cells. I wiped that off and slathered on some more v@seline. The lip was still swollen and I didn't know why, and I still don't know why today.

I looked at it in the mirror and I thought this must be how my lips would look like in a botched lip-filling procedure. Why not take some photos? And that I did. Of course I had some photos that looks deliciously dirty for myself but here are just the three yang senonohnya for me to share with you how disgusting it had been last Friday.

The swelling subsided the next morning though, leaving a tiny patch of stretched skin in the tender part of the inner lip. But that didn't bother me at all. I wonder what it was that had caused it. It scared me when it happened.

TGIF, I thought that day, because had that happened on Thursday, I wondered if I would have had the guts to face the people at work with that lip.

Had I had the lip filler, and senget pulak tu, kan ke malapetaka namanya?

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