Monday, October 8, 2007


Hari ni, I had a bad case of cherry berry. Kerap kena la. Malam tadi tatau la makan apa. Z takde, makan je apa yang ada kat umah. So not in the mood to go out to the bazaar or the market to get anything.

Tak pergi sekolah. Called in sick despite the fact that I feel guilty for having been away from school for the past week. I was weak, having been to the bathroom 6 times since 4 am. I need to rest. I was dehydrated. Spent the morning resting. Took the pills I still had from that bout of cherry berry when I was in Kuching and drank lots of water. The cat was with me menemankan, as if she knew I was sunyi and depressed and in pain. I took loads of photos of the cat lazily lounging on my stomach. Come to think of it, hari ni je dah berapa photo kucing tu aku dah amik, sebab dia memang suka melepak in my lap, on my stomach, in the crook on my arm when I lie down on the floor. Needy betul kucing ni. Kalau tak sebab sayang dah lama melambung kena campak keluar. Rimas!

I'm glad I had the cherry berry today on my last day of periods. At least I could take the pills and drink lots of water with the salts without feeling guilty.

I am feeling much better in the afternoon and the trips to the bathroom had stopped. There was no water around my area so cooking was out of the question, especially when I was really not in the mood or had the energy for that. So I went out to get some things to eat for berbuka. I know, I am not fasting today yet, but I stuck to the schedule so it wouldn't be too hard for me to get back to fasting when my periods are over.

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Belladonna said...

Nok, get well soon. Minum banyak2 air masak. Aku plak period buat kali kedua bulan ni(selalunya aku period 2-3 bukan sekali). Nvm, baik period dari tak period..masalah tu :)

Uols balik KL hari khamis ni kah?