Thursday, October 11, 2007


Esok nak jalan, aku macam biasalah, susah nak tido. TV lak citer An American Haunting, dengan aku dok seng sorang. Nasib baik citer antu omputeh ni tak seseram citer antu Jepun ke, Korea ke Siam ke.

Aku mengantuk dah ni, kejap lagi nak tido.

Tadi petang, balik sekolah, mak pergi potong rambut. Huhu. Macam biasalah, this guy pun nak suruh I luruskan rambut. Rebonding. Haiyoh! Seb baik dia baik. So I explained to him, I pernah bat rebonding masa kat U dulu, and I was not happy with the results. My hair jadi ramrod straight, lifeless. Other than the fact it made me feel ordinary like the run of the mill supermodel wannabes, it also made my face look like the full moon. It took ages to grow back to its natural curls, so I swore to myself that I will never ever do the rebonding technique again.

I just need the blow drier to make it wavy. I do not want ramrod straight hair that looks like plastic. Oh, I think Bella's hair is gorgeous. Me loikey. Me loikey big time. Nak rambut cam Bella la. Tapi since curly hair is finer than straight hair, it tends to fly all over the place if it is not tied down. That's why I hardly leave my hair down. It would usually be up in a pony tail or when it was longer, in a tight bun. I really don't know what kind of product I should use to take the fly aways.

Well, Bernard (the hair stylist) was good at cutting hair. He's worked in KL for a few years before returning to Lawas to open his own salon. One thing I am curious, why do people call the hair places they go to as saloons rather than salons? I thought saloons are supposed to be bars in Western movies. And the funniest thing, even the most stylish and up-to-date person pun still say "I nak pergi saloon petang ni." Nak minum whiskey ke apa?

Anyway, he was good with the styling. I asked him not to go too short cuz I'd still wanna be able to tie my hair up when I am messy at home. But not too long that it would way down the look. Then he 'curi' sikit dalam tu so nipis sikit. I asked him not to go too thin, cuz then my face will look worse. Then he blew dry it and I was pretty happy with it. But then when there is moisture, of course it will revert to the curls. Takpelah, mak tak kisah.

Apalah citer pasal rambut. Macam bagus sangat la cerita rambut aku ni. Yela kan, mak jakun hal-hal macam ni. I used to be a tomboy with a mile-long hair. Now that dah pendek ni, excited la nak macam-macam. Gattey je.

Dik Bella, I am doing OK now. Tak sakit perut lagi. Dah minum sebanyak mungkin air. Thank you for your concern. :)

Esok, I balik, flight kul 8.05. Will be there sampai the October 21st. Rasa sekejap je. Tapi takpe, sebulan lepas tu cuti akhir tahun plak. My principal kata no problem kalau I nak balik lama sikit kali ni, memandangkan I only had 2 weeks last year.

Anyway, dah habis dah movie tadi. I won't be online masa kat my mom's place. I will update as soon as I get back.

Love ya'll. Muah muah!

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