Wednesday, August 22, 2007

i've been tagged

(a) You've been T A G G E D ! ! ! - "List out 5 people whom you would like to bring along with you to Istanbul, Turkey; where you will spend with them a week- long stay at the luxuriously furnished Grand Sultan Suite at the ever majestic Ciragan Palace Kempinski Hotel. Owh and do tell us why these 5 lucky people deserve to be there with you…"

(b) And to that 5 lucky people listed in the entry, C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! ! ! You've just been T A G G E D ! ! !

Okey dokey...

Thanks Bella for including me in the list of 5 people whom you would take with you to the a week- long stay at the Grand Sultan Suite at the Ciragan Palace Kempinski Hotel. I feel honored that you would consider me after knowing me for such a short while.

I don't have readers, so I won't have much trouble whom to choose to take with me.

Okay, biarlah mak mulakan siapa yang bertuah nak pergi ke percutian tippoo-tippoo bersama mak iniew...

Nombor 1
Mestilah adik kandung dunia akhirat, mak si W. Kenapa? Sebab dia adalah manusia paling level- headed, reserved and fun to be with to boot. My childhood soulmate. We have been through a lot, growing up with the crazy family that we have. We have our shortcomings, but together, we're pulling through. And believe it or not, she is more matured than I am, and she is the one who keeps my feet on the ground and in touch with myself when I get lost.

Nombor 2
My best real friend J. J je, Hubby dia tak bleh ikut. Sebab aku jeles tengok dia berkefits dua orang ittew. Ye, mak cemburu. Bukan cemburukan J. Cemburu akan kebahagiaan yang mereka kecapi. Semoga cinta mereka kekal abadi dan sentiasa bertambah as the day passes by. I wanna pinjam her for a while. So for that short while, I would like to relive the good times we had masa kat Uni dulu.

Nombor 3
My one and only friend from the blogosphere, Belladonna. I admire her resilience in facing life's hardships and despite the fact, still came out smelling of roses. She is an interesting character and despite the nightmare she has been through, she could still see the world through the eyes of an innocent. I bet she is a load of fun too. What she has today, she really deserves, and I hope she and LeQ will live happily ever after, and always find their love reaching new heights. Tapi, just to be fair, LeQ tak leh ikut gaks. Muahahaha!

Nombor 4
Seriously, I don't know who else to take to that grand place la....

Nombor 5
I am trying very hard not to say N. Cuz I don't think me and N would be able to enjoy each other's company with all these people around. Lagipun we prefer to go somewhere just the two of us. So, I will not say N, no matter what.

Hai la.... macamana ni? Tak cukup la.... Boleh I come back to this lain kali? I really tak ingat la nak bawak siapa....



HannnAmeen said...

Terima kasih sebab nak bawak aku sekali....reading your writings...i feel happy for you. Semoga semuanya akan berjalan lancar dan aku doakan yang terbaik it apa pun, asalkan yang terbaik Allah kurniakan untukmu.

Belladonna said...

Wah, tukang suruh buat tag pun dibawa sekali? Mekasih nok, mek terharu sangat. Kembang kempis hidung aku. Apa kata kita anjurkan percutian ke Le Meridien Bora Bora? Tapi in our dreams je lah sebab aku ni kaki berangan, tapi fulus tarak. Hihi.

Anillynnette said...

J : Mestilah bawak hang. Apa gilanya tak bawak hang? Mak takut kena ketulahan. Muahahaha! Best friend, kan?

Belladot : Memang mak bawak kau juga. Sama-sama la kita memeriahkan suasana. Le Meridian Bora Bora tu best keh? Nanti aku Google dia.