Wednesday, September 12, 2007

i'm it

I have been tagged by Bella. I love being tagged. But this one's got me stumped. I am not a creature of habit. I don't know if I have 8 habit that are worth mentioning. But don't worry, Bella, I will do my best to think up of something.

Okay, well I have one. I love, love, love Ramadhan. I wish it could last more than just a month. And I don't really like Eid. I'll try to explain later. But for now, I am a little sleepy. Like always. Just a short stop to tell you what I did today.

Had OBK pagi tadi at the safe room. Then went to school. Then went to Sipitang. Bosan sangat. I wish I can have another vacation.

Kenapa malas sangat ni....?


HannnAmeen said...

nak ikan cari kat sini

macam-macam ada...

Anillynnette said...

Thanks. Semalam lagi aku dah bookmark page tuh! Huhuhuh... tapi my blog ni buat hal so tak bleh nak add page element. Tengok lah kalau malam ni boleh plak.

Thanks again!

Belladonna said...

Nok, ko jangan risau. Tag ni tak penting. Ko tak buat pun aku tak kisah nok..janji aku dah escape..hihihii.