Tuesday, September 4, 2007

home again

The flight back was horrendous. I was sleepy, but I kept being jerked awake by the sudden descent and ascent of the tiny twin otter. It was raining and the wind was quite strong. Somehow, I was not scared. I had complete faith in the pilots and furthermore, I knew that they had been flying in far worse weathers, as described by my acquaintances. So I kept falling asleep and waking again when it plummets and climbs higher after that. Then we touched down safely in Lawas.

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The moment I got home, I put away my things in the house and called for Z to come down so we could both go to Sipitang to have lunch at our favorite restaurant. Actually, I didn't wanna go back and feel how lonely it is knowing that he is now at the other end of the state and I won't be seeing him for another few months. I have thoughts of him and optimistic plans he's made for us to spend together on a long road trip at the school year's end to sustain me and to look forward to. I hope they will happen. But I'll be okay if it doesn't. He's taught me that. I've taught myself that.

And then it was back to school the next day. Just the perfect solution to clear up the loneliness that ensued.

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