Friday, February 15, 2008


I’m just recycling this from something else I have read, so instead of saying ‘I think’, I am going to say ‘I agree’ instead.

I agree that most good people die young. And evil people live longer than most of us think they should.

I agree that God loves good people and prefer to have them in heaven, close to Him. So instead of letting him/her live long enough to start making mistakes, He takes them away, leaving behind their memories for their survivors to cling on to. The accidents and sickness they experienced, are merely causes of death.

I agree that God also loves the evil ones too, because he lets them live long enough for them to repent and mend their ways. To find the way home. Only, some of them never do.

But there are good people who live love lives, probably because He feels that the world needs these people more than He does, or because they have yet passed through tests set by Him. Some good people have to earn their safe passage to heaven. These good people, if left unguided might eventually lose their way.

See? Boredom does make me think of nonsense to write in my blog.

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