Friday, January 5, 2007

Hello world...

Today, I thought, why not set up a blog? Instead of writing insanely long e-mails to people who doesn't appreciate the effort, let my rantings find its audience on its own.

My sister, W told me to do it, most of my friends who are actively on-line told me to do it, I told me to do it. Alas, my need for attention finally won over my inhibitions. So now I own one. My experience in keeping a journal was not that bad. I just wish I could be more regular about it instead of draining my ideas on mindless, crazily long e-mails. What is it about wanting to be heard? I am not talking about all of the world population. I am talking about me and maybe 3 other people who is just like me. Ha ha.

So, hellos to you, you and you.

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