Sunday, August 23, 2009

best break up story ever told


Her husband was offered a job in India, and things were never the same again for her. So she made this movie.

Sita Sings the Blues, they said, is the best break up story ever told. I spent hours watching it again and again on YouTube last night. It's the Ramayana made easy. Great animation and Annette Hanshaw makes me appreciate 1920's jazz. It's so sad that this movie can't make it to the academy awards due to copyright laws.

Some men will always be men, thinking they are doing the right thing, and they say women are cruel. Eventhough Rama treated Sita very cruelly, she remained chaste and faithful to her husband until the very end.

Watch it here in full or in parts of ten starting here.

Or download the whole movie for free from here so the movie may be shared and therefore disseminated.

Here, Nina Paley, the maker of this gem, explains why it is free. But, you may make donations here.


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