Sunday, August 2, 2009

ada dia kesah?

So, I never comment on the current issues...

Tapi pasal Y@smin Ahm@d was a man once and decided to be a woman tu, rasanya tak perlu digembar-gemburkan. Cukup sekadar untuk berkongsi maklumat saja, dan bukan nak jatuhkan air muka dia dan keluarganya. Especially because she was born a hermaphrodite and due to that fact, and after consulting the clerics, she decided to have a sex reassignment surgery and continue living her life as a woman. Nothing wrong there.

I just noticed that she had a strong face, a rather bulky neck and a manly aura. But I am a little bit on the manly side myself even when I was born a woman and still am a woman. But her creativity and courage astounds me. I have always have great respect of people who are artistically creative, and in Malaysia, she is it.

She was and always will be one of our brightest shining stars. We'll miss you, Ms. Yasmin.

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