Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Of make up routine

I wear increasingly less and less make up these days.
Just moisturizer, powder and lipgloss.

Applied just once in the morning.

I never went to school without make up.
A couple of years ago I was single and and happy.
I had every reason to show the glow of happiness that I have inside to the outside.
Kids were loved that I take care of myself.

Then one day I got married.
I contemplated suicide for the longest time.
I stopped wearing make up.
Make up is not fun anymore.
Not and therapeutic as it once was.

Going to school make up free after years and years of having on full make up, I was bound to raise speculations.

I don't know or care what they are. 
I am just glad I am still alive and breathing.

But the kids would ask me if I was sick.
Well, I might have looked like a dead body.
They had cause for alarm.

Maybe I am slowly easing up of the make up.
People in KL x wear make up.

Great if you're naturally pretty.
Fucked if you're not.

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