Thursday, January 3, 2008


Wanna know why I, a staunch believer in 'wavy is pretty' and who had held fast to my stand that I should not get a rebonding job because it will only make my hair ramrod straight and make my face look like it's been puffed up 5 times due to the effect of having the straightened hair cling lifelessly to the sides of my face?

If you wanna know, read on. If not, get out.

When I was last back home, my sister and I went to get her hair colored at Hairven in Alamanda. Me being very self-conscious have never been comfortable in these posh hair salons. The ones I dared to venture in were usually run by haughty, ugly-haired (which she thinks is the greatest look she could achieve, being a hair stylist and all) hair stylist who'd look down her nose at me and my lowly curly hair practically with this sign that goes "I definitely think that the world should be run by straight haired robots and the curly haired ones should be sent off to detention camps to be exterminated" plastered across her forehead.

But this time around I had W with me. The salon was serene, and my hairdresser, a petite, soft-spoken Indonesian lady made me feel very comfortable. While W had her hair color-treated, I had mine washed and blow dried straight.

It looked okay to my untrained eyes. But then my hairdresser ventured in asking me why didn't I get it straightened? (This having been gently suggested to me by her instead of being shoved down my throat by the above-mentioned holier-than-thou b*tch of a hairdresser) So I explained to her that I didn't get it done because I was afraid that the ramrod straight effect would only make my face look bigger than it already is. Besides, I know I like my curly hair just the way it is, and maybe have it blown straight once in a while would be enough for me. She told me, in her gentle way that with the right cut, it would not be as bad and it might even compliment the shape of my face.

I thought about it and decided, why not. Being 31 is not too late for a little change.

So I let her do some layering cut on the portion of the hair in front.

Here I was with the new cut.


For me, it was a new cut because I never go out with my hair down and the curly hair I have had never been wind-friendly, you see. Besides, even when I am so in love with my curls, I am bad at styling it because I think spending too much time on one's hair is a little too vain for a reformed tomboy like me.

But I am not gonna put the photo of the disaster I got yesterday until it puffs up a little bit.

But the problem is, with the shorter layer in front, I would have trouble tying it back when I am not in the mood to blow dry my hair. So on registration day, I just slathered on some clay/wax on the springy curls (the effect of washing the hair the previous night and sleeping with the hair still wet) I bunched everything up and twisted it into a sort of a french twist and secured it with a hair clip and worked the shortened, very curly hair at the front into a pile at the top of the crown and hope it will stay that way throughout the busy day it was going to be.

I liked the way it looked. But I think everyone at school thought I looked weird. Curly hair does not impress people here, evidently.

And then I had the bright idea to get it straightened a bit in the hopes of achieving that gentle soft waves look which ended up with me having plastic hair for the next 6 months!

Let's just hope that it does puff up a little bit after a few washes like they claim it would so I won't be so miserable lah.

My poor, poor hair.


Anonymous said...

quite interesting post. I would love to follow you on twitter.

Anillynnette said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thanks. I appreciate it. But I don't have a twitter account. :-)

Anonymous said...

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Anillynnette said...

dear Anonymous,

I don't post my email in here. I have no idea how to leave contact details without it being published and seen by everyone.