Saturday, February 3, 2007


There was this one day, Chia, Z and I wanted to go to Sipitang for our chick's day out... The usual stuff. Satay and soups. ON other days, we'd just pass through without having our passes stamped. Mainly because the new drive-thru check-point building was still in construction and no one ever bothered to warn us about the improtance of having our passes stamped for the sake of having satay and soup for a few hours in the next town. Macam kat Germany in WWII plak la....

So when I got there, I just drove through, and I saw this guy standing at the booth, just looking at me, stupidly. Had he lifted his arm I swear, I would have stopped and have our passes stamped! I swear. But since he just stood there like a stupid baffoon, I just drove on.

We had a good time. And we drove back.

I never thought these assholes can be so low. It turned out, they were waiting to exact revenge on me. They waited till I got there and when I stepped out of the car, asking if we should have our passes stamped, they went all out on a tirade on how I am such a samseng and driving so fast (what so fast? want to die ah? where got? Huge bumper besar batang kelapa across the road, want to drive fast how?) Blah blah blah.

The one thing I hate about myself is that, when my emotions takes over, all I could do is cry. Where had my whiplash tongue gone, when I needed it the most? I was not sad. I was angry. I was so angry, I cried. How stupid could I have been?

And this mamat German was so happy, he went into the building and laughed so hard, like a fucking hyena. B*b*!!!

The Sabahan officer a.k.a. stupid dumbass guy who stood by the booth saying nothing when I passed by earlier, said,

"Datang negeri orang, hormatlah sikit."

I was like, "What?"

Perhaps, I could have said something and fight it out and won and feel good about everything. But I couldn't. They are officers. They are Government Servants as much as I am. Just that, I do not wear uniforms and I am paid way better than they are. So there.

Let them have their petty victory that day.

Then the "Beruang" as we have now affectionately called him, said to me....

"Kita ni sama Govmen Staff, kalau diorang marah, awak diam je... "

What kind of advice is that? Was he trying to make me feel better or the situation? Anyway, I was in tears by that time. So I couldn't say much. So I got back into the car and moved it to the booth up ahead and had our passes stamped. The guy in the booth was sympathetic of me I guess, he gave me some soothing words. Like hell it was soothing.

He said I could report these assholes to their superiors, but when I asked him for these assholes' numbers, he said, sabar, sabar kak.... my foot.

At work the next day I asked my boss if I should report them to their superiors. He said, there is no need to do that. I should just try to let it go because I will be passing through there many more times after this. Creating further friction would not be a smart thing to do.

So I didn't.

I know I did wrong, but there was no excuse for them to be rude and such assholes. Memang mereka tu anak-anak babi agaknya. The parents never bothered to teach them manners. Oh well, sekarang mereka rasa. Every time I pass through there, they have no excuse to 'curi tulang'. Dan I pass through there almost every other day.Kerjalah untuk gaji kau yang tak seberapa tu. Jangan curi tulang yeah?

Sebenarnya, mereka nak mengurat the girls dalam kereta tu. Tapi since I tak berhenti selama ni, mereka takde chance la nak buat kerja terkutuk tu kan? Mana ada my friends yang berkenan dengan mereka tu? Dah la jagung muda lagi, muka cam tongkol jagung je, pendapatan pun tak seberapa... tapi kurang kesedaran yang their chances of snagging me or my friends are nil. Bodohs.

I asked the others if they had their passes stamped if they pass through there. They said no. Only if they are leaving through KK airport for KLIA. Bedebs! Marahnya!

Takpe... orang yang takde kerja, baiklah diberi kerja. So, to all you dumbasses yang buat kuang ajor to me that day, Selamat Bertugas. Semoga Tuhan membalas jasa baikmu. Yang ada courtesy to be nice, thanks so much, again, Tuhan saja la yang balas.

So sebab nak mengurat punya pasal, terpaksa la buat-buat kerja. Padan mukass.

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