Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Azam Raya 2013

Jaranglah orang nak pasang azam tengah2 tahun macam ni. Apatah lagi on Raya. However, I shall have to break from the norm because I think I need to change a few things about myself in order to be a better person.

Not necessarily for other people. But for myself. Sebab when I do something that hurts the feelings of others, I hurt inside later on. I am not a saint, but hurting other people's feelings makes me hurt inside so bad... It always makes me feel downright shitty later.

So, having realized how that makes me feel inside, I will have to man up and admit that there is no reason whatsoever to keep doing the things that causes me personal pain later on.

No rules.

Just talk less or quit talking unnecessarily.

I will fail, for sure. The first few months will be hard, but nothing worth doing is easy.

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